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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rophem NCLEX Review give a guarantee?
Yes, Rophem NCLEX RN and PN Review give a guarantee to your success because we believe Rophem works and we have a collection of testimonials that will also tell you the same. Read our guarantee terms.

How do I register for Rophem's NCLEX Review?
Click/Tap the Courses link in the navigation at the top of your screen and select a course.
Once you get to the course's page, you may fill out the registration form.
After the registration form is complete, you will see your payment button.

How do I make my payment if I have already registered?
You can pay from the course page. (Courses > Select Course > Scroll down to Payment Buttons).

How does Rophem handle my information?
Your information is handled carefully, read our privacy policy for more details.

Scroll down to Contact Us if you have more questions.

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