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Rophem Guarantee

Guarantee Terms
At Rophem, we believe our NCLEX preparation process works so well that we offer a guarantee that it will work for any student. If a student takes our NCLEX preparation program, whether for RN or for PN, follows all instructions given by Rophem to the letter, and still does not pass the NCLEX state board within three months of taking our program, the student is entitled to a free retake of the program.

Terms of Service

Visitors who register on this website,, become students of Rophem Nursing Education and are able to take the courses we offer after full payment of the course the student wishes to take.

At Rophem, students can prepare for NCLEX state boards, as well as earn credit hours for continuing education.

Students preparing for NCLEX with Rophem listen to lectures, read course content, and take practice exams. Further instructions for preparation may be given to any specific student due to the student's readiness for the NCLEX. It is the responsibility of the student to follow all instructions for the best outcome from preparation.

Copying and Recording
Content and materials provided to students by Rophem Nursing Education are copyrighted. Therefore, it is illegal to copy any material or content provided and it is also illegal to record any lectures.

It is also illegal to reproduce, modify, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribut any material or content from Rophem Nursing Education in any form or by any means or for any purpose without prior written permission from Rophem Nursing Education.

Rophem Nursing Education may take legal actions if any student or employee is caught doing any of the illegal actions mentioned above.

Refund Policy
Rophem Nursing Education has a strict no refund policy, all payments made are final except when demanded by law.